Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Art in Two

I've found that you can add a considerable amount of value and "cleanliness" during construction by designing and developing your software on two separate computers. Not simultaneously, but rather in an occasionally alternating fashion. The main point of this is to assure that you have enough of the referenced dll libraries in your project (along with any ancillary files) without constantly cranking around the older useless modules.

Make a full copy of your project folder, clear out the post-compile (and debug) junk, and then zip it up. Mail it to your other computer. Now on the receiving end unzip that puppy and see if you can compile it into something reasonable.

If you use two vastly different computers for this process, say a laptop running Windows10 and a wide screen desktop running Windows 7, you'll get the added quality checkpoint of verifying that your interface is presentable across platforms.

Yeah you need to install your development environment on both computers but this has some subtle advantages as well. Go ahead and square off your development: use the power of two!